• My daughter has a cochlear implant fitted on one side.
  • Today we can lead a normal life.
  • I have got really involved with the subject right from the start.
  • Today, research into the subject of hearing solutions has become part of my private everyday life.


My name is Christian, I live on the border between Upper and Lower Austria and I am the father of a child with an implant on one side. As soon as we found out that our baby had a severe hearing loss, we were told about our options. We found out quickly that there are cochlear implants and so it could be possible for our child to hear. And today we can lead a normal life despite a few efforts.

I got very involved in the subject of CIs right from the start, so I could do the right thing for our daughter with a clear conscience. As my training gave me the necessary background, I used my free time to read up on the subject and so get as much information as possible in as much depth as possible. On the one hand, that helped to reassure me, and it also gave me some certainty. It has since become a regular task for me to keep myself up to date about CIs and hearing solutions.

I advise people affected to approach the subject with a high level of engagement and get as much information as possible to choose the best CI manufacturer.

My most important tip

Get a lot of information to make the best decision!

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Do you have any specific questions that I can answer with my experience and knowledge? Then get in touch with me, I look forward to getting to know you!

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