• I have a multiply-impaired son named Florim with implants both sides.
  • The implants helped him a lot in his further development.
  • Communication in the whole family is made easier.
  • Although we are a bilingual family, we speak German to Florim.


My name is Sejdin, or "Dino“, I live in Vienna and I have a son named Florim who has implants both sides. Florim is multiply-impaired and when we found out that he is deaf, it was a shock for us. We were angry, sad and frustrated, but we wanted to help him. So we decided on the implants, we wanted to repair the irreparable.
Florim's general development improved a lot with the implants. As his father, it made communication with my son much easier, and with his brothers and sisters and other family members.

I come from Montenegro, and I have brought my children up bilingually. with Florim it was of course different, I speak mainly German to him. I would advise bilingual families to define who in the family is going to speak which language. It can also be helpful to use gestures along with language for children with multiple impairments.

My most important tip

Use gestures along with language for multiply-impaired children.

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