• I have cochlear implants fitted on both sides.
  • The implants have had a very positive effect on my social life.
  • I love hearing (even quiet) sounds of nature.
  • Difficult paths often lead to beautiful destinations.


My name is Tanja, I come from Gleisdorf and I have cochlear implants on both sides myself. In 2014 I suffered multiple sudden hearing losses following the birth of my daughter. The diagnosis: severe hearing loss on both sides. However, I had already had hearing difficulties in my youth. The diagnosis finally gave me some certainty and relief. I decided to have cochlear implants fitted, as that was the only way I was ever going to be able to hear again.

My life with hearing implants has changed very much for the better. I can mix more with people again, make telephone calls, enjoy music, and talk to my family and friends without any problems. I feel secure again in my everyday life, even with two small children. I enjoy hearing the birds twittering and the crickets chirping, I could never do that before. I also like being in the countryside, my favorite sounds are rustling leaves and running streams. I can also do my job normally without any problems. I can't imagine life without CIs now, they have made my life worth living.
My advice to people affected is to accept help (ENT doctor, speech therapist, CI technicians). Sharing experiences with other affected persons can also be powerful.

Mein wichtigster Tipp

Accept shared experiences and the various help on offer.

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