• I have had implants both sides since 2016.
  • After a severe hearing loss, I can now actively participate in conversations again and I am as sharp as I used to be.
  • I don't have any problems in a work environment either.
  • I love music and I like dancing.


My name is Michael and I come from Mödling/Vienna. I have been fitted with cochlear implants on both sides myself. The whole thing started for me when I was 50: Suddenly my family sounded a lot quieter than usual. So I had hearing aids, but they started to become less effective and I was practically deaf on my right-hand side. Finally, I decided to have the implants for professional reasons.

I noticed the first successful outcomes practically immediate after my first operation in 2015 on the right side. I also undertook a rehab in Bad Nauheim near Frankfurt,, which improved my hearing even more. The second implant then followed in 2016, the outcomes of which I am also very pleased.

Today I can enjoy music like I used to, and I like dancing. I can hear my wife again without any problems, individual conversations are no problem. There are no obstacles at work either. I only have any issues if someone is talking from further away and while watching television. I now have a technological solution for that fromMED-ELtoo.
I would encourage anyone to take this step and most of all practise diligently after the implant is fitted. My rehabilitation was an unbelievable help in this.

Mein wichtigster Tipp

Don't put off the implant and definitely get rehabilitation afterwards!

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