Hearing the world – right from the start

Does your child have a diagnosed hearing loss? Are you having to deal with the fact that your child will have to cope with a disability, possibly for a whole lifetime?

The psychological strength of the parents is of course put to the test in such a situation. Modern forms of therapy today enable your child to have a nearly worry-free and successful path through life even with a disability.

In the event that an abnormality is shown in your child’s Newborn Hearing Screening (NGHS), which is carried out for every child in Austria in the first few days of life, further steps should be initiated in an ENT clinic. That is because the reason and type of a possible hearing impairment have to be clarified as soon as possible.

Then possible technical and medical solutions need to be considered. The best therapeutic and educational support are also important components in the child’s path to hearing. Good observational skills on the part of the parents are always required, because as constant companions, you are also additional diagnosticians.

You can find comprehensive information that you might need on this path together with your child here!


Users, relatives and experts- what they have in common is years of personal experience in the subject of hearing loss and its solution.

There is a world of difference in language skills between children who have a hearing loss identified late and so have hearing provision fitted late and those with an early diagnosis, that is, in the first few months.

O. Univ.-Prof. Patrick G. Zorowka, University Clinic for hearing, voice and speech disorders, Innsbruck

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My name is Höribald, I know a lot about the subject of hearing impairments and I would like to help you with my knowledge with your aim of supporting your child on the path to hearing!

Because I am very young and learning all the time, I might still make some mistakes, so I have put together a bespoke info-box by way of recompense: