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Education, studying or every day at work – any kind of hearing reduction is is an encumbrance to the affected person and increases the challenges of learning and working. Often significantly fewer educational opportunities, intellectual devaluation or inconsideration in dealing with those with hearing impairments in the workplace – this can result in a tendency to withdraw, reticence up to isolation.
It is not just that access to education and training sometimes remains barred for those with a hearing difficulty, but by the the time you are in the workplace you sense what importance intact hearing has for managing day to day life.

Together with genetic components, excessive exposure to noise , chronically increased blood sugar levels (diabetes), circulatory problems, infections, metabolic problems, nerve damage or accidents can cause hearing losses, as can some medicines, alcohol and even smoking. In turn, a hearing difficulty that remains untreated can conceal an increased risk of developing depression.
Left untreated, a hearing impairment thus affects not only everyday life in training or work, but over time the quality of life of the person affected. Early recognition and treatment of a hearing difficulty is thus of central importance to a happy and fulfilled life as well as your health.
You can find comprehensive information that you might need on this path towards hearing better (again), and what opportunities might result in your free time here!


Users, relatives, and experts – what they have in common is decades of personal experience with the issue of hearing loss and its solution.

I see being available as a team to talk to at any time, including after the operation, and supporting the patient individually towards better hearing and understanding as one of our strengths.
Prim. Dr. Thomas Keintzel, Clinic Wels-Grieskirchen

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