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The educational path and opportunity for personal development of a child in kindergarten and in school is one of the most important pillars for optimal development and later success in life. If your child is affected by a hearing impairment, the development of the child, his/her school career and the choice of profession appear to be suddenly questioned because of it. It important that parents are not left alone in this stage especially.

Whilst around one in every thousand newborn children suffers from a hearing loss, this figure grows to around five in every thousand in the age group between three and 17 years old. For many children, a hearing impairment is unnoticed until nursery, partly because the child learns to adapt in its most intimate environment, the family, and compensate for the hearing impairment by paying close attention. It is only the subsequent manifestations, e.g., lack of attention and stamina, poor concentration, emotional insecurity, inhibition and social withdrawal or speech abnormalities that indicate a cause for action. The sooner hearing care is provided thanks to modern technology and specific therapeutic or educational support begins, the better the affected child can develop cognitively and communicate with his or her environment without barriers.

Contact with appropriate experts and advice points can support parents, give information and show new perspectives. You will find the optimal support and advice for this important stage in your child’s life here!


Users, relatives and experts – what they have in common is decades of personal experience in the subject of hearing loss and its solution.

We as teachers and specialists have an advisory function in the decision process of course, but ultimately the parents decide which method of education and training they will choose for their child.

Dir. Mag. Katharina Strohmayer, BIG Vienna

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My name is Höribald, I know about the subject of hearing impairment and I want to use my knowledge to help you enable your child to have a nice and successful time in nursery and at school !

Because I am very young and still learning, I might make some mistakes, so I have put together a bespoke info-box for you by way of recompense: