About the causes and consequences of hearing loss

If a sudden hearing loss occurs without an identifiable cause, usually on one side, the quick action is needed.

A sudden hearing loss occurs without warning and within seconds or minutes. The sound perception is disturbed in the process. The resulting hearing loss can range from very mild to profound. It may affect all frequencies or just limited frequency range.

The course of the hearing loss varies individually; it may disappear spontaneously, be peripheral, or remain permanently. Accompanying symptoms can be tinnitus or dizziness. Despite still insufficient medical knowledge about it, it is important to look for the ENT expert immediately. Indeed, the chances for recovery are the biggest if you act as quickly as possible.

First, the physician must eliminate other potential diseases such as otitis media, blast trauma, etc. If he actually finds no obvious reason for the sudden hearing loss, the professional will diagnose a hearing loss.

Still, there are only theoretical explanations for the potential causes: they range from circulatory disorders, diabetes, metabolic disorders to high cholesterol levels. According to the affected patients,stress can also be a trigger.

These treatment methods are commonly used, depending on the presumed cause:

  • Cortisone – to combat swelling and inflammation in the inner ear
  • Infusions – to improve blood flow
  • Relaxation excercises
  • Behavioural or psychotherapy

If the consequences of hearing loss are permanent and cause profound hearing loss, the possible option is a cochlear implantation. Find about more about it here

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