How much does a hearing implant system cost in Austria?

When considering an implantable hearing system, the question of costs inevitably arises.

In Austria, the expenses for the fitting of a cochlear implant or any other hearing implant system are fortunately fully covered by the Austrian health care system.

The costs for the implant system, surgery and hospitalization costs, as well as necessary follow-up treatment and rehabilitation units are split between the state and the respective insurance company. Besides, the insurance companies also cover almost all repairment costs. Of course, the prerequisite for this is a valid social insurance that the future user needs to have.

The following costs are to be expected by future users after a fitting with a hearing implant systems, which are not covered by the responsible authorities:

  • Batteries for the audio processor (batteries included in the starter package significantly reduce regular costs, but they must be repurchased after their battery life has expired, which is about 1000 charging cycles).
  • The smaller replacement parts which are not covered by the insurance (e.g. microfone cover, ear hooks…).
  • Additional technical devices not included in the basic implant system package (alarm clocks, FM systems, streaming devices, etc.)
  • Private insurance for electrical equipment in case of loss or special repairs that are not covered by health insurance in exceptional cases.

Additionally, hearing implant users have a variety of financial and support options. You can learn all about it and more here:

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