CI for babies and small children

When new parents receive a diagnosis of “profound hearing loss” in their child, the shock is often huge. Still, the new citizen of our planet can receive help, thanks to the most modern medical technology!

If the so-called newborn hearing screening (NGHS), which is in Austria carried out in the first days of life in the hospital, shows any hearing abnormality, further steps must be taken in an ENT clinic. It is very important to determine the cause and the level of the possible hearing impairment as soon as possible.

If a baby is diagnozed with severe hearing loss or deafness, a cochlear implant on both sides is an optimal solution. In case of an early implantation before the first birthday, the audioverbal development of a child can proceede without any problems.

That means that, if a baby is diagnozed with hearing loss or deafness and implantet early, it has the best chances for a carefree and successful life.

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Cochlear implant for babies

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