What the users tell about life with a cochlear implant and how they can share their knowledge and experience with others

The future users, their family and all others interested can learn from over 40 years of experience with a cochlear implant. Long-time users can tell us a lot about how life with CI changes and what opportunities it brings.

Truly important: the exchange of cochlear implant experiences

One step towards a cochlear implant often means a long road of decision making. This often includes numerous visits to the ENT experts, the choice of the suitable hearing implant system and the associated consultations with the technician. Nevertheless, it also includes the desire for personal contact with other users.

Of course, it is important for most of those affected to obtain experiences and opinion from the people who have been living with their CI for a longer time.

As the development of the cochlear implant already has a 40-year history, there are many happy users today who have a lot to tell and can talk about their successful life with a hearing implant. They often express their gratitude for the opportunity to hear (again) by encouraging the future users and exchanging stories and ideas.

So, direct contact with the others affected is enormously important on your path back to hearing. Here you will find people in every age group who would like to share their stories with others – online, by phone or even in person!

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